Tips for the Perfect Wedding Banquet in Singapore

Did you know that wedding banquets in Singapore takes up to 50% of your overall budget? On top of that, a wedding banquet needs you to think about numerous details and logistics. The menu needs to be good, décor has to be impressive, wine tasting, cake tasting, the right day and date. The job may be a burden, but worry no more as we have a few tips and tricks for you to conquer it with poise. Without further ado, let us get to it.

Let us start with the décor. Firstly, take stock of your location. Walk around and get to know the venue of your wedding banquet. Notice features that can be highlighted, such as a grand staircase, and other areas that need to be spruced up or downplayed. We all know how lighting can transform an event, for the better or the worse. To create the right vibe and ambience at your wedding banquet, it is not necessary for you to hire a professional. You can do it yourself by switching off the lights and lighting up many candles to give it the romantic dim effect. Or you could replace harsh white LED lights with amber ones which are way more flattering and gives the soothing vibe. Remember that it is best to work with what you already have. Rather than transforming the wedding banquet place into a whole different thing. If your hotel ballroom is all papered in gold and green, an all white theme just isn’t going to work. If your wedding banquet venue is so antique and rustic, it does not make sense to transform it into a modern theme.Image result for rustic antique wedding

For planning and logistics, always look for ways that allow you to change things easily at the last minute. For you do not know what will happen and when. For example, you can have your wedding banquet seating cards to have the names and table numbers separately, so you can shift guests’ tables without having to rewrite the whole thing again. Another tip for planning your wedding banquet is to tackle to heavy tasks first. Book the venue, hire a caterer and decide on the basic décor. You can look at the small details like door gifts and party playlists once you are done with the bigger tasks. Always keep your timeline in mind. Never procrastinate the planning for your wedding banquet. You will need to choose your florist at least 6 months prior to your wedding banquet and reserve your wedding banquet party rentals 2 months after that.

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